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The completely redesigned Genesis is excitement in motion. It delivers balanced performance and intelligent new technology. Step inside and discover a new world.

5.0L V8 Tau engine

Delivers 420 HP* and greater low-end torque for better acceleration and quick response. *HP figures are estimated


Intelligent Drive Modes

Delivers 420 HP* and greater low-end torque for better acceleration and quick response. *HP figures are estimated


Suspension capable of automatically adjusting its damping rate based on road conditions and the drive mode selected. The suspension is calibrated for superior ride comfort in Normal, Eco, and Snow modes while Sport mode firms the damping rate for enhanced handling precision and control.


CO2 Sensor Control System

An industry first. Research by Hyundai engineers determined that occupant drowsiness increases when CO2 concentrations inside the cabin exceed 2,000 parts per million. This new ventilation system monitors CO2 levels and brings in additional ambient fresh air as required to keep occupants comfortable and alert.


Open Pore Natural Wood

Open Pore Natural Wood provides an elegance that anyone can appreciate

HD Display Screen

9.2” 720p high definition screen


HID headlights

For increased safety, an Adaptive Front Light System takes in the vehicle’s speed and steering direction to precisely control lighting direction to exactly where you need it.


Smart Trunk

When the driver stands near the trunk of the vehicle holding baggage with the smart key for about three seconds, the trunk lid automatically opens.

LED taillights

Providing extra sleek contours and also dramatically increasing night visibility.


Autonomous Emergency Braking

Uses a forward camera and sensors to detect rapid closing speeds to the vehicle ahead. The system will warn the driver and can provide full braking assistance, making it possible to avoid a collision.


Lane Keeping Assist System

Lane Keeping Assist detects lane departure and applies slight corrective steering measures to keep vehicle from drifting out of lane

Adaptive Cruise Control

An Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system with stop-and-go capability carefully manages speed and distance to the vehicle ahead to reduce driver fatigue