Beam Wiper Blades


We’ve all experienced poor quality wiper blades, and what it means when we’re driving in the rain or snow – a dirty, streaked windshield.

One of the causes of this is conventional wiper blades that have been installed on new cars for decades, and are the cheap option when it comes time to replace wipers.

Conventional wiper blades use a metal spring to conform to the curvature of a windshield. In practice, this causes for the pressure to be applied unevenly.

Paired with the normal wear and tear that a windshield wiper goes through from years of use and degradation, this results in streaks on your windshield

Thornhill Hyundai - Broken Image

What are Beam Wiper Blades?

Premium Beam wiper blades from Hyundai are made to conform to the curvature of your windshield. Made with a different construction than conventional wiper blades, Beam blades have pressure applied evenly across the length of the wiper blade.

Beam wiper blades are also made with fewer parts, meaning that there are fewer pieces to break, and that the wiper blade is more aerodynamic – reducing drag to improve your fuel economy.

Windshields on new Hyundai vehicles are curved more than older models, making Beam Wiper blades the best choice.

How often do I need to replace my Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades are a wear item on your vehicle, similar to brakes or oil changes, they need to be changed regularly to achieve the best performance.

Wiper blades are made with a soft rubber compound and are under tension when installed.The rubber compound used on wiper blades hardens over time, particularly when exposed to temperature swings, sunlight, and road debris.


If you are parking your vehicle outdoors, during the summer and winter, then it is recommended to change your wiper blades seasonally to ensure their best performance.

If you are unsure when your wiper blades were replaced last, or if yours are still in good condition, the quickest and easiest way to tell is observing your windshield.

The scenarios below are good indicators that it is time to replace your windshield wipers with Hyundai Premium Beam Blades:

  • Your windshield has streaks on it after using the wipers in rain or snow
  • A portion of the windshield remains dirty or after using the windshield washer and wipers
  • There is a noticeable decline in performance of wipers in colder weather

Hyundai only produces the highest quality Premium Beam Blades specifically designed to fit your Hyundai.

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