6 Items To Keep In Your Vehicle During The Winter

November 9, 2021

Thornhill Hyundai - Broken Image

With cold weather fast approaching and fall coming to an end, many drivers find themselves rushing to get their vehicle winterized.

Being a Hyundai Canada customer, you are eligible for our Roadside Assistance Program, however, it is always a good idea to have a few items in your vehicle in case of a winter emergency. At Thornhill Hundai, we have put together a list of six items we feel are essential to keep in your vehicle during the winter, 


1. A Snow Brush and Scraper

This is an absolute essential in the snowy Canadian winters. A snow brush and scraper can safely remove the snow, ice and slush from the exterior of your vehicle without causing damage. It is important that you completely brush off your vehicle before driving for the safety of both yourself and others on the road. 


2. Sand, Salt or Cat Litter

Road conditions can be slippery in the winter caused by ice, slush and melting snow. Sometimes this can cause your vehicle to lose traction on the road even when you have winter tires. Keeping a small amount of sand, salt or cat litter in the trunk of your vehicle can come in handy in situations where your vehicle is stuck and you can not get grip from your tires. 


3. Road Flares

In case of an emergency, it is not a bad idea to keep road flares in your vehicle all year round. Road flares can be used if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road or worse, in the event of an accident. 


4. Jumper Cables

In the colder months, vehicle batteries need to work a lot harder as the internal temperature of the vehicle decreases. This can sometimes cause the vehicle to not start in the winter, especially in later year models. Jumper cables allow you to boost your vehicle's battery if you are having trouble getting your vehicle to start. They are useful all year round but require another working vehicle to use. 


5. Antifreeze and Windshield Wiper Fluid

Even if you top up your vehicle’s fluids at the beginning of the season because during the winter we tend to use more. Keeping a bottle in your trunk can prevent you from running out mid-roadtrip or commute. It can also be used in a small spray bottle to help you scrape stubborn ice from your windshield.


6. A Blanket

If you find yourself waiting for roadside assistance in the winter, keeping your vehicle running is not always an option. In these cases, it is crucial to have a blanket to keep yourself warm while you wait.


A lot of these items should be in your car already if you have a well-stocked emergency kit. We have gone into detail about what you should include in a vehicle emergency in a previous blog a couple years back. You can check it out here.

With these six items in your trunk you can drive confidently this winter, but that is not all you can do to prepare. To increase the safety and performance of your vehicle during the winter, do not forget to swap on your winter tires, top up your fluids and maintain your maintenance schedule. 

Have you gotten your vehicle in for winter maintenance yet? Schedule an appointment with our Service Department online today!