Paint Protection Film

Not that long ago, you would oftentimes see cars with a front-end protector, also known colloquially as a car bra.

The purpose of these was to prevent damage for the front bumper and hood of the vehicle from rocks or other road debris, and to keep the car clean from bugs during the summer months.

What many people don’t know about these, is that they actually damage the vehicle and the paint job – the opposite of the reason why people put them on their cars. These front-end protectors over time scratch the clear coat and paint where they are installed. Additionally, they serve as a spot for moisture and salt to accumulate which promotes corrosion and rust.

These vinyl cloth or leather front-end protectors aren’t common anymore for these reasons, but also because there is a better option that retains the factory design of your vehicle, as well offering better protection for your car’s paint job.

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What is 3M Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is typically a clear, urethane film that is applied to a clean vehicle with an undamaged paint job.  This film allows for the original paint color to shine through, and is not noticeable at a distance.

Unlike a traditional front-end protector, a paint protection film offers exceptional protection from debris, minor scratches, sun fading, and most notably – corrosion. Additionally, because of the material that the protective film is made of, minor scratches, including the swirls you typically see on a vehicle that is washed regularly blend in, and are less noticeable.

Additionally, the benefit is that any damage is occurring to the film itself, leaving the factory paint job underneath in its original condition. 

While there are a number of options available for paint protection, 3M paint protection film is the option that allows for a vehicle to maintain its brand-new look for years.

Should I get paint protection film on my new car?

Paint protection film improves the durability of your vehicle’s finish, and protects against damage. Since vehicle damage is a factor in a vehicle’s valuation, protecting your vehicle’s finish is also protecting your investment. When you are ready to trade-in a vehicle, a paint protection film, if applied correctly and undamaged increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Taking ownership of a new car is something to be proud of, and everyone wants to feel good about the vehicle that they are driving. Paint Protection film is a must for keeping the showroom-quality finish on your new vehicle for years to come.

3M Paint Protection film, installed by Richmond Hill Hyundai comes with a __ year warranty.

When included at time of purchasing, a plastic hood protection film can cost as little as an additional $0.34 a week over a 96 month financing term – less than a toonie a month.

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