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Should I change to winter tires or stay with my all-season tires? This is one of the most searched questions on Google in Canada.

All-season tires are known for being able to handle a wide variety of road conditions well. But lack that same level of traction in snowy or icy conditions. Their tread pattern, is less aggressive, which provides less traction in snow. Winter tires are designed with a specialized rubber compound that stays flexible in cold weather; and have tread patterns designed to grip in snowy conditions. All-season tires are generally made out of a harder compound that lose their traction in 7°C and below. 

Tire manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers recommend you install winter tires in sets of four, to maximize vehicle handling, stability and braking. Having two types of tires on the same vehicle can impair accelation and control.  ABS and traction control only help prevent drivers from over-braking or over powering. The only way to increase traction and get more grip and control is to install better tires. 

If you will be driving on cold or wet roads, or in snowy icy conditions, winter tires will provide much better traction. Talk to the Tire Experts at Thornhill Hyundai to guide you to the right tire that best suits your needs. Be safe out there, and enjoy your winter trips.

If you choose to install winter tires on your vehicle, you may be eligible to receive up to a 5% discount on your automobile insurance. Check with your insurance company. (All-season tires do not count as winter tires).


Discounts provided directly by applicable tire manufacturer ranging from $40 to $100 with the purchase of a set of four tires. 

Goodyear / Continental / Pirelli / Yokohama / Kumho Tire / Michelin / Hankook / Dunlop Tires / BG Goodrich / Bridgestone / Toyo Tires / Uniroyal / Laufeen / General Tire / Gislaved

Visit the website of each tire brand for product eligibility, terms, conditions and promotion period. See Thornhill Hyundai for complete details.


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